The Party Planner / by craig levers


The Venue- raw 

It is kind of fun organising parties. Getting all the parts of the jigsaw in place. Wait, it's not an old school Barfly or Keyhole Boardriders party I'm talking about here where you fool the venue manager into it, then spray and walk away...miss those nights, how no one didn't fall off the Kestrel ferry is a mystery. Anyway, no, this party is not a fall down drunk affair with The Warners blearing; we're all older now and far more civilised right?  Wow, the idea of a party now is a book launch, things have changed! It is the South Seas Revised Edition Book Launch that's getting done. 

There have been Photo CPL Media book launches before.


The South Seas V1 book launch in 2012 at Sitka Newmarket.


NZ Surf Captured By A Surf Lens Launch in 2014, New Brighton Mens Working Club

This new one is the most ambitious and therefore scary one to date. The South Seas Revised Edition book launch is to be hosted in the Sustainable Coastlines Flagship  which is in the Wynyard Quarter, downtown Auckland. It has a 200 people capacity with 96 square metres covered and then the sprawl outdoors. This is the bit where you go 'but what if nobody comes'.

Venue, beer, wine and pizza sorted. Prints... sort of sorted; There is an exhibition component of the book launch. There will be 16 large prints displayed around the walls, images from the South Seas Revised Edition kindly supplied by contributing photographers, Jerry Aubertin, Rambo Estrada, Silas Hansen, Brent Courtney and very lastly, me.

a sample of the images that could be part of the print auction... they won't have the artwork on them.

The large 750mmx 450mm prints will be auctioned on the night via Tender. All the proceeds of the auction will go to Sustainable Coastlines. And hopefully there will be actual books. 

Next week you'll be getting sent your offical invite, but in the meantime, just keep September 28 free, we wanna shout you a few bevies and a slice of pizza. 

From The Bookstore

Pre Sales are now open and so far people are loving the offer- thanks fellas!!!! The full shipment is on its way with an ETA of September 18. All Pre Sales will get free postage and packaging [plus some extra free goodies] and will be sent out in that first week.  You can check out more detail, LIKE it- SHARE it [pleeeease] and of course buy it by clicking through on the image to it's web page.