You're Officially Invited / by craig levers

If you click on the invitation above it links through to the Facebook event page. But you don't have to do that, I'm about the explain the night away; 

It's a big space to fill so you better bloody turn up, The Sustainable Coastlines Flagship is down by the Silos in the Wynyard Quarter, you know that big Wilson's Carpark where the Laneways main stage is placed, beside the Auckland Fishmarkets? That's where the Flagship is. We've gone for a Thursday evening and early, 6pm, so you can just come along after work- it's casual, it's informal, We just want you to have relaxed fun. 

We're going to feed and water you, thanks to our partners Corona, Yealands Wines, Phoenix Organic drinks and Toto Pizza.... they are the guys that make the metre long slabs of pizza. We'll have veggo and meat lover's options. 

There will be a lot of books to have a perv' at, you shouldn't feel obligated to buy one, we just wanna celebrate the end of a long journey. But you can buy one and get it inscribed if you want- we've got special white wax pencils for the black pages :)

Oh, as a sidenote, I'm writing in plural not because I'm a gemini, the 'we' is Brent Courtney and I, plus all the photographers and writers involved, this is no one man band- it's a team effort.  

The Exhibition/ Auction: There will be 16 750mm x 450mm large prints on the panels around the Flagship's walls. They are unframed prints, so you can do your own framing [or none] later. The prints are key images from the book. There is no set price on the prints, we're doing a tender/silent auction thingy. There will be a ballot box and slips of paper that you can put your contact details on and the price you want to pay for the print you want. All the profits of the auction go to Sustainable Coastlines.

With past publications we've donated books to Sustainable Coastlines, this time around we're trying something different.   

So that's it, obligation free, free beers'n'pizza on us. 

Thursday September 28, 55 Madden St... which is the corner of Madden and Beaumont streets, 6 pm kick off... our shout- bring your eftpos card

From The Bookstore

Last Call For Pre Orders and so far people are loving the offer- thanks fellas. There are books about to be sent all around the world.  All Pre Sales get free postage and packaging [plus some extra free goodies] and will be sent out in that first week. The full shipment is on its way with an ETA of September 18. So after the 18th they won't be Pre Orders and standard P&P will apply.  You can check out more detail, LIKE it- SHARE it [pleeeease] and of course buy it by clicking through on the image to it's web page.