The South Seas V2 / by craig levers

The South Seas Revised Edition

The original

The original

In 2012 I was part of the team that made The South Seas- New Zealand's Best Surf. It was a Hail Mary of the book project, instead of making a book to a standard publisher's economic formula Brent Courtney and I decided to make the book we wanted to have. Instead of screwing down photo budgets, we approached the edit with the mandate of the best shots featured, f@ck the cost. We included over a dozen of NZ's top surf photogs work. It was liberating as a creator. As the bank roll it was terrifying. The book went on to become one of NZ's best selling surf books and is generally regarded as the best surf book to come out of lil' ol NZ. It sold through 2 print runs.

Exciting package!

Exciting package!

But that was 2012, five long years ago. We could have been mercenary and pumped out another print run and milked the sales. We made the call to overhaul the content with fresh eyes, take what worked, acknowledge what didn't, include more photographers, go deeper. This is what we've been drowning in for the last 8 months...

The new improved edition 2 advance copies arrived yesterday!!!! YESSSSSS

Why mess with a winning formula? Since 2012 there have been some significant swell events, those needed to be in the book. Also there are more and new surf photogs shooting some amazing stuff. We knew we could tighten up the edit to be harder hitting and we decided to add an extra16 pages of imagery. 

The Mega Swell of 2015

Fresh Angles, better angles

When we started the Revised Edition it was estimated maybe 50% of the images would be swapped out. Review everything, keep the bangers...ahhh it'll be easy. No no no, we got swamped in a sea of options. In the end probably 75-80% of the imagery is new. 

Have we made a better book? Yep, without meaning it to sound cocky, we have. Tighter, Stonger and Longer. 

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