Finally Waves! / by craig levers


North swells are the best swells for us Westies. They generally strike at such an oblique angle that all the beaches from the far North to Whanganui turn into right hand point breaks. Well maybe not point breaks, but series of hollow running rights. These swells are few are far between. They are absolute treats. At the start of this week we had one of the best north swells in years, not the biggest, but it pulsed for three days. Lots of surfers got lots of barrels, boards were snapped and the stoke banks were filled to the brim. 


Not a swim for the timid, especially at feeding times


The early 


The goal


Nat Barron paddling into a freight train


Former National Junior Champ, builder, husband and father of two, Nat, in the happy place


Dune Kennings settling into the fold


The lefts off the back of the right running peaks are good too, and Kye Bedford in a very unenviable position


Dune eyeing up the next section


James McAlpine in the bowels of a beast 


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