On The Road. Your Chance To Win... and clearly it's still onshore / by craig levers

On The Road 


Ngaruguru Estuary last night 


Hundertwasser/Chuppa chups inspired installation?  


Don't get views like this by sitting at home. 

I'm on the road selling books, I won't lie, it is my happy place. I definitely over romanticise the whole process; away in the Chevy Camper, loaded up with stock, cameras and surfboards. I love visiting the surf stores and the owners. The catchups, the gossip and the thrill of the sale. The job is not necessarily to get as many units as possible into each store, it's to get the distribution spread far and wide. To make the books be available. It would probably make more financial sense to sit on the blower and sell, but there's no fun in that. Plus I think when the store owners actually hold the books, feel the weight and see the quality they get it better. It's fun to watch the conversation tail off as their attention is taken by the pages, you know you've hooked them. No hard sell, just let the books speak for themselves. 

We're Doing A Giveaway




To celebrate the South Seas being available now we're going to share the love. The South Seas Revised Edition has 228 pages of images from every corner of New Zealand. Post your best lineup from your local region to the South Seas Facebook page HERE and be in to win a signed copy... and please, no spot naming, keep us and them guessing :) 

Last Week






My best side


The prints

Thank you all for coming along last Thursday, you packed out the Sustainable Coastlines Flagship. What we didn't tell you was that The South Seas Launch was the very first time the Flagship had been used for an event like this. Nerves of no shows were very quickly shut down. The highlight... let's be honest, selling a shit ton of books! But in ever so close second, over $2500.00 was raised for Sustainable Coastlines via the print auction. Thank you fellas, that's bloody awesome. In the end we decided instead of just profit, 100% of the print sales went to SC. 

Again Corona NZ have to be thanked for supporting the event, as do the staff at SC, Andrew Howson, Jodi Pretscherer and Camden Howlet who stayed and helped out on the night. 

You missed out on the book launch? You don't want post a line-up on stalk book to win one? You just want to get it done and have the book show up on your doorstep with free P&P? Well, you can do that HERE

From The Bookstore

Pre Orders for The Collection have gone nuts-thanks fellas!!! There are books going all around the world.  All Pre Sales get free postage and packaging and will be sent out in that first week of landing. The full shipment is on its way with an ETA of October 18. So after the 18th they won't be Pre Orders and standard P&P will apply.  You can check out more detail, LIKE it- SHARE it and of course Pre Order by clicking through on the image to it's web page.