The Collection Is Here, now / by craig levers

And So It Starts All Over 

Yesterday NZ Surf- The Collection Vol.1 arrived. Three really big, laden pallets of beautifully inked and bound paper; it is a beautiful thing. It's also a little daunting; there's only one fella that's going to bag and tag the pre orders and the surf store orders. And sell the book, get the book into those surf stores. There's a lot to do.

Our National Champ Ella earlier this week, and she's super stoked on her feature.

Billy stoking on his feature this morning too! 

Billy stoking on his feature this morning too! 

The Pre Orders have gone unreal, and because of that we're going to keep the offer of free Postage and Packaging going until after Labour Weekend. You can order your book HERE

The Collection is a hardcover, A4 landscape book. It is 194 pages with over 500 images and a hefty word count of 60,000+. This is one information packed volume. Warren Hawke has curated the content, and he's done an amazing task. To be really honest I think he's worked too hard, when you pick up the book and start flicking through it from cover to cover it just keeps going and going... and going. There's so much content.

All aspects of our NZ Surf community are covered, guys, gals, shred dogging to log cruising, groms to godfathers, North to South. But that's what Warren set out to do; produce a mass of content that reflects the deep diversity of our Kiwi surfing culture.   

Inversely and ludicrously, all of Warren's work is not reflected in the cover price. It is only $59.95. This is very intentional, we want the book to be on your coffee table. We want the limited edition of 1500 to sell through.   

This is part of the fore-word Warren has written that sums up what the book is about....

 "For ‘The Collection’ I wanted a variety of shots that would help add to the stories being told and other shots which might create some ideas of their own in the minds of the reader. I also wanted to get as many different surfers in the book as possible. This decision played havoc with Josh’s design philosophy at times and made his work much more difficult than it should have been.

‘The Collection’ is about the variety of riches linked into our Kiwi surfing culture it therefore includes stories about surfers, surfing, festivals, the arts and the ocean. There’s purposely an absence of hype, advertorial and corporate bullshit. I see ‘The Collection’ as something fresh and new which hopefully in some ways brings out and also gets to the soul of Kiwi surfing."

From The Bookstore

Don't Forget about the South Seas though! It's in most surf and book stores now. You can check out the preview just by clicking on the image... and of course buy direct and avoid the hassle of going to the shops.