Cleaning House / by craig levers

I'm going to apologise in advance if this week's post is a bit ho-hum for some of you. There's a couple of reasons I'm posting what I'm posting. 

#1. There's no surf, I just haven't been able to get to where there could, would be waves to shoot- and it stings.

# 2. There's a real awareness that the image galleries on aren't the greatest to navigate. They are great 'cos the images can be seen pretty large, the trade off is there's no slide show ability. There's a plan in place to fix this. But it's a real ongoing issue, naturally photographers want to share their work and showcase it in a way that at least hints at the quality. The problem is no one wants to try a view a 1 gigabyte photo on the inter web  [there goes your data plan]. 

So here's a little work around for your viewing pleasure, over a 160 images across the four Galleries in under four minutes. 

This is the Beaches Gallery on which is

This is the Waves and Line-Up Gallery which you can view HERE

This is the Americana Gallery which you can also view 

And this is the Elements Gallery which you can is online at PhotoCPL HERE

Other Exposures

Here's the latest Copious A0 summer poster, that's going into Backdoor and Northbeach stores around the country now, and that would be one happy Shaun Boucher holding out the poster. Shaun is the subject matter of the poster and he's on fire this year, winning every ramp and bowl jam nationwide. Last weekend he took out the annual ALC Ramp Jam in the Naki. Here's the full sequence of the ridiculous drop. It was part of the Copious summer campaign I shot last month- love those gigs!!! 

Check out more from Copious [and spot the Cp shots :) ] HERE

The Big Little Beach Book

Distribution is trucking along for the book. Shops are starting to place re-orders! Can't be bothered finding it??? Well the inter web shop is open all day every day HERE