Going Nationwide / by craig levers

Every photographer has goals, it's only natural and proper. To strive to get better, then at some point other people start liking your stuff. I'm not trying to be a tosser here and claim past glories, it's more gratitude, grateful for the usages of images over the years. Money sure helps show gratitude! You do need it to live...and buy more cameras. But the lasting stoke is knowing your work has been appreciated and valued. 

It's really nice when someone makes a point of telling me they grew up on my photos in the surf mag, although I always get embarrassed. As you get older there's a new worry, are you still valid- it's a fricken horrible one. Especially if you've been immersed in a youth culture like surfing. I am officially an old salty dog, but let's grasp at 'established' and a 'senior member' of the craft??? 

...And then an image gets used by one of the country's most successful and established menswear labels, they use it in the front window of every one of their 25 stores nationwide, 2 metres x 2 metres. Of course the average Joe won't stop to think a second about Moon Bob paddling out into the sunrise, or who or how that was captured. But damn it looks good. 

Last Thursday Barkers' Albany store played host to the launch of the summer Barkers X Surfline range. You may remember I was a part of the team on the photoshoot, you can see some of the shots HERE.  It was a really cool evening and pretty darn packed too. I thought; get in, make sure to be seen to be there and then sneak out. But there were too many good people to catch up with, next thing you know it's closing time.

Surfline have a pretty cool gallery of the evening posted HERE 

And now I can share with you some of the A's from the day...

Part of the Barkers' brief was to also shoot video from the water. I reckon it came out mean as! 

Whatcha doin' on Sunday??? Well, if you're in the AK it sure as F@ck ain't going to be surfing!!! Come and get culturally enlightened at Bas van Est's new exhibition at Thievery Studios, round the back of K-Rd. Bas shoots from the water too, spending a lot of time in Tairua, he's also busy commercial photographer. He loves shooting grit, I love grit. His latest exhibition is grit. The gritty side of Qatar that the travel brochures wouldn't use, ironically if they did I'd be keen to go there.

For more details  just click HERE

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