The Correct Foot Forward / by craig levers

In this case that would be the left one. Over the weekend a beautifully wrapped lil' A5 parcel was sitting in my post box. It was Ant Green's new book Left Foot Forward.

The 66 page book is self published by Ant [plus cover- a pet peeve; when people include covers as text page count] and it's a mere $15.00. All profits are donated to Sustainable Coastlines - reason enough to order the book. Regardless of where the profits end up, the book is a visual feast. The limited edition, I've got number 106 of 150, celebrates Ant and his brother Matthew's journey earlier this year through South East Asia. The images are beautiful. Thoughtful compositions that nicely veer away from on-trend photographic styles. I'm not sure how to put it but for want of a better word there's a photographic maturity in Ant's style. 

I could bang on about the insightful passages of text crafted by Ant's fellow travellers, the clever non lineal use of the images, but the acid test is always; Does the book give you itchy feet to venture East? F$CK YES!!! 

Check Out more of Ant's work on his website HERE and on
Instagram HERE


...And The PhotoCPL Corporation... 

It is that crunch time of the year for anyone retailing any type of product, and being a one man band, cracks are sure starting to show! This very E-Bomb has been the primary victim, 2 weekly deadlines missed. Missed because of good stuff; big, long, exciting commercial photoshoots in exotic locales with bugger all inter web. And then back to packing orders. It has been a rush. 

Product splayed at Raglan Surf Co... stolen from the gram

Product splayed at Raglan Surf Co... stolen from the gram

The Big Little Beach Book has sold through 66% of the print run in it's first 3 months of publication, thank you fellas. 

New Release

This panorama has been added to the Beaches Gallery. It was made just this last Saturday evening. A lot of thought, trail and error have gone into this one. Waiting for the Pohutukawa blooms to be just right, balancing the sun against the blooms in shadow... oh yes there was a lot of complex internal conundrums... and then nature just did what she wanted anyway. Check it out bigger by just clicking on the image.