Big Thing Coming / by craig levers


We had hoped to do it, but really it all hinged on you. Would you pick up on what we're putting down?  Turns out the book NZ SURF: The Collection Vol.I was a bit of a runaway success. We sold through the entire print run in 14 months. There are a few copies scattered around some book and surf shops, so if you haven't yet got your hands on a copy you'd better get out there toot sweet. 


NZ SURF; The Collection is the brainchild of Warren Hawke, I stepped back into the role of being the publisher and Wazza took on being the author and editor. It's a challenging thing, releasing the reins and just guiding someone else through the thorny garden of book making. But Wazza hit a sweet tone with Vol.1. He jammed as many Kiwi surfers and stories in there as he possibly could. It worked, we sold out and sold out fast. 


The title alluded to the hope that the New Zealand Surfing community with like it enough that we'd be able to continue the series. For the last 18 months Wazza has been amped up on creating content for NZ Surf: The Collection Vol.II. He's travelled the country chasing swells and gatherings of the tribe. 

I'm only allowed to show you the cover, but I can tell you now Vol.II has totally honed in on what worked, what was applauded in Vol.I and distilled the winning formula. 

NZ Surf Cover Front.jpg

The final touches are being completed this week, and on Monday the 192 page [+covers and really its 200 pages]  book gets sent to the printer. The release will be November and we're bloody well excited at the impact that this is going to have.

Vol.II is new material, but follows the best ideas from Vol.I. There's coverage of new and older members of our surfing tribe, we've included some very different places in different ways to get to the roots of surfing in New Zealand as only a book can. There's surf history, surf stars and grommet coverage. Wazza has packed over 500 images and close to 60,000 words into the book that will have you go back again and again. We also reckon that there's photos of at least 350 different surfers in Vol.II. 

As with all PhotoCPL Media books it is a hard cover, quality printed and bound using sustainable FSC certified paper stocks. Designed by artist Josh O'Rourke. It also features the work from both established and upcoming surf writers and photographers. NZ Surf: The Collection Vol II - will be a limited print run again. The rrp will be $65.00. In the next few weeks we'll start pre-orders, but in the meantime... well, there you go, thanks to all that bought into comes the chaos of book promo'ing and distribution! 

Reef Giveaway- Given Away!


Reef very kindly gave me a pair of Voyage Boots and Mick Fanning Jandals to give to you, that's $300 of kicks. You had a 1 in 1487 chance of walking away with the booty [see what I did there]. Every subscriber went in the draw, which was done at 9am this morning using's number generator and Ken from Raglan won. They are on their way Ken! 

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