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I do shoot things other than surfing and waves.  I keep it pretty quiet, but certainly a large component of the annual income stream is commercial work. I really like architectural and construction work. I like the discipline of understanding the optics of a lens and how to achieve  straight lines... Architects and Builders HATE bent verticals and curving beams... you have to be so critically correct and know what is going on in the camera. I love it, love the challenge, love the technical knowledge you have to build up. 

So while I'm chained to the desk in book production for NZ Surf: The Collection Vol II which you can read about HERE  and there's clearly no surf around these parts. Here are examples of what also pays the bills. 


Just fresh out of the camera, this was a job for Nouveu Construction and Oceans Electrical last week at The Wedge, Ponsonby. The challenge was to show the light installation and its reflection while showing the work space. So I opted to do some panoramas to avoid lens distortion.


The LED light strips are controlled via an app so you can adjust the brightness and colours, part of the brief was showing that, so another challenge was keeping the light [in photog speak temperature] faithful to those lighting changes.  


After all that, this is a personal shot. I wanted to shoot the Crystal Palace's ceiling Rose, but shoot in technically correct and big, again these are big resolution panos. The curves in the ceiling moldings are sagging from the old girl's age. 


I shoot tiles! Tiles are a challenge to shoot, tilers are super critical about straight lines and of course tiles are highly reflective and generally in small rooms with mirrors. You have to be on your game to be straight AND not be in the image. I like this one because the mirror was used to show the hex tiles on the back wall. 


This one was harder than it looks; the challenge was to show the angles and the different textures of the tiles used.


The atrium on the TVNZ building shot last winter for The Tile People. 


Getting a job and making it harder, a detail pano of tiles in a tight kitchen.

Next week there's going to be waves! So transmissions will return to normal... don't unsubscribe just yet. 

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