Adventures In Light / by craig levers

I've been on the road for the last 10 days, and as much as that's been epic, it is pretty damn nice to come home to a big courier pack. 


Australian master surf photographer Ted Grambeau's new book is stunningly beautiful. And that sentence right there is all you need to really know, but hey, this is the weekly CPL E-Bomb, so lets fill up some time :) 


The hardcover large format book comes in it's own box. It's 31cm square, with heavy stock art paper. It's big in every sense at 240 pages. The whole package also includes a signed Ted print. It is one slick production, underwritten by Rip Curl, this would be my only complaint which is not really a complaint. I just wasn't expecting it to be a Rip Curl book. Ted has worked closely with Rip Curl for most of his long career, so there shouldn't have been a surprise. And flicking through the book, there's no question Rip Curl have done an amazing job of facilitating Ted's adventures over the last 4 decades.   


Being under written by Rip Curl has probably also facilitated the incredibly inexpensive cover price. It's only $69.90 AUD plus shipping- trust me on this one- it's a $150.00 book.


You'll already know many of the images, but in this collection they are thoughtfully curated and placed carefully together to create a flowing edition.


The book Adventures In Light absolutely show cases one of surf photography's masters whom remains to this day at the peak of his powers.


Want to find out more? Here's the link to the book on Ted's site   

The O'Neill Aotearoa Surf Film Festival

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Here's the remaining schedule for this season. You can book online HERE  

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Now here's some random facts, 503 people LIKE the South Seas Book website page and 1712 people follow its Facebook page. Bet you not all of them own it though. Does The South Seas book rival Adventures In Light? Yes, yes it does. Slighter higher production values with the fabric binding, gold embossing, and title debossing on the cover, use of variations of art stock text. An extensive intro chapter on the history of NZ surfing from our pioneers... hmmmm not better, but equally as worthy of your consideration perhaps? Books rule! Check out the South Seas book HERE