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The O'Neill Aotearoa Surf Film Festival 

The ASFF is in it's 6th year of running. And full credit has to go to the founder and dynamo that keeps a steady wheel, Nick Stevenson. It has been his vision since day dot, and he's pretty much pulling it off. Nick is passionate about encouraging young Kiwi film makers, every year he has managed to increase the prize pool for young locals. How do I know all this- well Nick roped me in as a founding judge on the screening panel, and I've continued to be invited back each season. I tell ya, I have seen some shit, but in amongst it there are some soaring moments of creativity and inspiration. 

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Gizzy showings this year at the Dome Bar and Theatre

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Christchurch this week!

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The Mount indoor screening

Nick takes the selection of short films and features on the road in a national tour. It's grassroots stuff, He loads up the Subby wagon and leaves his family for a month, touring NZ's coastal surf towns, there are glaring regional gaps, but every year another venue gets added.

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Here's the remaining schedule for this season. You can book online HERE  

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Further more and hither to all things grass roots, The Duke Festival is in full swing right now. It is New Zealand's largest surf festival, and I believe the surf comp this weekend attracts the largest field of competitors of any national contest. My main man Warren Hawke is one of the co-founding organisers of the week long festival. It includes a surf art exhibition [of which I couldn't get my act together to be involved] Film showings [yep the ASFF is tied in] concert, dinners, and board exhibition. If you're in glorious ChurChur this weekend, New Brighton is the place to be. 

The Duke Festival is firmly aimed at revitalising the coastal suburb, both after the earthquakes- the area was part of the worse affected- but also an on going push to see New Brighton lifted and recognised as a vibrant coastal suburb. It's something Warren is super passionate about... but you'd know that from reading his book NZ Surf Captured By A Surf Lens and his tales of growing up in the hood.  

But if you're stuck in the North...


Then Corona and Billabong NZ have you sorted with the annual Salt Circus  now in it's third year of running, this Saturday's event is firmly centred around casual fun and everything surfing. It's more a gathering than a hard out contest, with board meets, expression sessions and later a party at the legendary Astrolabe.  


Or if you'd rather just stay at home and have a good read, maybe hang some art then... 


Have we got a deal for you, you can take this offer up HERE

And the Winners Are...  

Last week's mailer was a short profile on surfing artist Greg Straight; wait you missed it? Well, the profile is preserved in perpetuity HERE 

In that mailer was a subscriber only competition for three of Greg's prints 

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Entries were strong! Everyone was assigned a number and then drawn using's random number selector so everything was fair and random. The three winners are getting sent out their prints today, you already know who you are if you are. 

From The Galleries

Piha House-ES-10.jpg

Here is a fine fine example of a 1200mm wide canvas in situ, the image is in architect Carolyn Gundy's own self designed home, which is an absolutely stunning sun trap. You can check out her website HERE . The image is Piha Peak click HERE to view it larger