West Coast Cranks For 2018 / by craig levers

Already With 2018! 


There was no plan to start up the PhotoCPL E-Bombs so soon in 2018. You know, kind of chill give you all a break on your breaks. But the surf has been on the pump already this year, so what's a surf photog s'posed to do...after you've had your own fill of surfing of course. 


The open beaches have banks that have surprising held bigger swell. The 1st was really good, the 2nd a Raglan Day and then yesterday back to the beachies. 


Iain 'Ratso' Buchanan first on the peak and showing us young-uns how it is done as always.


Bruce Johnson finding form in the foam.


As always, AK weather, all 4 seasons in an arvo.


Rain...much! Dan Caley enjoying the shower, rinse combo. 


Dan post squall


Dan creating his own rain shower


And after the rain what happens??? 


Wave... tick. Lion...tick. Double rainbow...tick. 


Johnny Stokes and his new profile photo! 


In Print

The Surfers Journal Spread

The Surfers Journal Spread

Big congratulations to one of the star contributors to The South Seas Book  Chris Garden. Gary just landed this double page spread in the latest Surfer's Journal... does this image look familiar? Well it should! It's the same one we swapped out and used in the South Seas Revised Edition. Nice to see our photo editing was on point.  When Gardy sent this through it was a no brainer that it was going to be a feature spread in the Revised Edition.

The South Seas Revised Edition Spread

The South Seas Revised Edition Spread

And Not So Coincidentally

Logger Heads 5 - 2018.jpg

The Mangawhai Logger Heads is back on this year, bigger and better, growing every year. I'll be there shooting away. Come hang out! 

Logger Heads 4 - 2017 Line Up.jpg

Last Year's line up

To find out more, check out The Logger Heads FB Page HERE


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