It Just Keeps Coming / by craig levers


So straight up front, these are images are not my best work. And I'm not really sorry about that. The plan had been to take January off and get back into work with vigour in February. As it has turned out January was a GOOOOOD month to have a break and go surfing. If you missed the post I did [cos I couldn't help myself] with earlier pumping waves of Jan it's HERE 


Home just kept on delivering throughout January


My neighbour and fellow camper van nerd Dave Woods tucked under the cover


Another neighbour Riki Reinfeld... our street dominates the line up! 


See dominating... Riki gouging


And up the coast a bit further 


Luke Cederman during the filming of his latest edit on The Raglan Surf Report


Luke with his iPhone in a clip lock bag... you'll see what I mean if you watch his latest post. It's got a couple of pretty crazy selfies in it! 


Post selfie

On The Web

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 10.59.47 AM.jpg

I think it's a pretty big deal. Or maybe it is a good deal. Either way, for the next month this CPL image is the feature shot on Canon New Zealand's homepage. It is a cool deal that is a stoke, the monthly image is normally chosen by Canon of one of their pro's, I guess I do qualify as that seeing how I've used Canon cameras for 25+ years!  This image of course, is also starring on the shop front of Backdoor's mega shop in Barry's Point Road.


It was a good swim that evening :)  You can view the image in more detail HERE


This Weekend!!! 

Logger Heads 5 - 2018.jpg

The Mangawhai Logger Heads is back on this year, bigger and better, growing every year. I'll be there shooting away. Come hang out. 

Logger Heads 4 - 2017 Line Up.jpg

Last Year's line up

To find out more, check out The Logger Heads FB Page HERE


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