NZ Post Stamp Collectables Giveaway / by craig levers

New Zealand Surf Breaks Stamp Set 

It's a huge stoke to walk into a Post Shop and see your images on the wall and promo screens

It's a huge stoke to walk into a Post Shop and see your images on the wall and promo screens

A month ago I wrote about the NZ Post Stamp commission. [You can read about it here.] From all accounts the stamps and sets are selling really well. Phewww, as much as the job is done and the invoice is paid, you always want it to be a success for the client. Of course you don't actually have to walk into a Post Shop yourself to buy them or view them in better detail, you can do that online via HERE

NZ Post have given me 5 Presentation Packs to giveaway;

They retail for $29.90 can feature a complete set of stamps, a first day cover and a miniature sheet. As well as an amazingly worded essay crafted by one of NZ's surfing literary giants ...not! The point is, you don't even have to part with that paltry 30 bucks. All subscribers to the PhotoCPL E-Bomb  are eligible to go in the draw to win one of the 5 sets; all you have to do is email me back saying you want in. Simple aye. The five winning subscribers will be drawn Monday 10 July 2017 at 5pm.    

From The Galleries

Hmmm, was last week's new Piha Bar Barrel the best? I asked and you guys replied. [See last weeks post here]  Lots confirmed yes it was better, but there were a decent amount that didn't think so. And then to confuse matters further, I posted this image on Instagram. Although you can only just see the feet of Lion Rock, the positioning inside the barrel, the colours and texture of the wave had quite a few Insty mates claiming this was the one for sure. So why not? It is added to the Waves gallery too. You can check it out larger, LIKE it [pleeeease] and of course buy it by clicking through on the image to it's web page.