When A Plan Comes Together / by craig levers

...or sometimes it just lands on your lap. Who would ever have thought there'd be a PhotoCPL photo of a wave on a New Zealand stamp? Not me! But here we are, it has happened. Pre-orders are now on sale for the first ever New Zealand Surf Breaks stamp issue. It has been so hard keeping hush about this project, it is a big honour.

The collab with NZ Post expanded, it was kind of like, 'Yessss another email from NZ Post- more work!' The job expanded to writing the text and all stamp descriptions, then supplying the extra images for the Presentation Pack.  

There are five stamps in the collection, I got bragging rites with the $1.00 one [which is the most commonly used denomination] Jwan Milek got his Raglan shot on the $2.20. Daisy Day  the $230, Wazza Hawke the $2.70 and ol Sea Lice... Silas Hansen rounded out the set with the $3.30. 

Pre orders have just gone live on the NZ Post website, you can view all the stamps and presentation options HERE

The OLA Giveaway Won!

Wow, best ever comp on Photo CPL ! But still only 120 entires, so every one of those 120 had a real good odds of winning compared to Lotto ... Madi Haydon won. All the new subscribers and existing subscribers that entered the draw were tallied up, that 120 being put into Random.org's random number generator...Madi's number came up! 

From The Galleries

Here is one of the images that NZ Post chose as the background shot. It has actually been a bit of a good undercover seller on the website too. You can check it out larger, LIKE it [pleeeease] and of course buy it by clicking through on the image to it's web page.