The wait... East Coast has been on the Cook / by craig levers

Last week was all about what Cyclone Cook did on the west coast, this week we have the eastern froth

The weather savvy will point out that actually the East coast had two different swells this week. Cyclone Cook stirred things up and then as the cyclone abated a new squash zone swell kicked in. It meant the East coast had 8 days on constant waves. There's a lot of happy campers out there.

I didn't chase too much. Happy with the waves the week before. 

Chasing Rainbows

Sneaky, cheeky east coast fun on Wednesday

Still more than reasonable size


Paddle! And the aforementioned chasing of rainbows

The lines kept coming

There were others that did a far better job of chasing Cook

And if you aren't already following them on Insty, each image links though to their pages

Brent scored big time over Easter, he's my partner in crime in the South Seas Book as well as being the creative and graphic designer for all the

Giles is pretty new to Instagram, but he's been shooting hard around Northland for years. He went gnarly over the week, shooting every single day in different spots. He gets the MVP award for most hours put in  

Well, biased beyond belief because Dan's been a good mate for over 25 years. He scored crazy over after day, this right only got better and better, he hasn't even posted the gold yet

You're probably already following Jerry, but he scored big time over easter too. He always keeps the gold under wraps until after the next issue of DGZ comes out

More East Swell Next Week, The Naki Is Going Nuts Right Now, West Looks Ok For The Weekend ... Get Out There

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This place was on the hiss over the swells too, clearly this was not from Easter, well not clearly, but it's not. And it does have a rainbow too. If you wanna see it larger, or BUY IT, Or LIKE it, just click on the image