The West Coast has been on the Cook / by craig levers

It is a terrible pun of course. With Cyclone Cook bearing down on us today, there will be a lot of damage to properties. Poor Edgecumbe will probably get nailed again. But before Cook touched down with full force, the cyclone provided nearly a full week of clean waves on the west coast. Pun aside the coast has actually been cooking for days. 

Sunday was the day for the chargers. There were corners that held the size, here's a tease of what happened. 

Expectant father James Laery on one of the very very round ones. Any day now James!!!  

If there's a bit of size or roundness you can be assured Nat Barron will be sniffing around

James McAlpine put in the hours, this is one of his smaller ones [didn't get his big ones, I was going over the falls by that time in the session.]


In Print

Damaged Goods Zine number 19 has just hit the bookstands. You can get a sneak peak by clicking on the cover above. There's a couple of CPL's in there, it is always stoke to get your images published... by someone other than yourself! These ones were from my best session of the summer, a couple of false starts with sea breezes, a couple of dud runs in the rips a lot of treading water and it would all be done again in a heartbeat.

Outro for the issue is the piece you maybe read a few emails back about Bob's passing. I found a shot in the archive that Mike Spence had made in the early Nineties. It's Bob with Wayne Lowen, I'm pretty sure they are in Bob's garden just opposite his shaping bays. Stoked the fellas at DGZ went for this one. Go buy the mag, enjoy some well crafted reading about our NZ surfing culture and by doing so support the two creatives [Jerry and Skip] that are doing good things.  

From The Galleries

It's Easter! You just be bloody careful on those roads this weekend aye. This image of Graveyards is from Easter 5 years ago, It was a pretty epic long weekend of waves. It was used as the opening spread for the Taranaki chapter of The South Seas book. It was also featured in the English surf mag Carve as a double page spread.  To view it larger just click on the image.