Good Things / by craig levers

This is my favourite image of far...I think. It'll probably change tomorrow. We used it in The South Seas Revised Edition, we included it in the exhibition at Sustainable Coastlines, it's on a few people's walls now. It glows when it's printed. It was such an incredible wave, one of the most perfect waves I've ever witnessed...anywhere.  

Primal Surfboards put my name forward to Simon Yates from LegaSea to be involved in a collaboration; to make a board to be auctioned, last week, at The Big Work Up LegaSea Gala Dinner. Turns out the Gala is quite a big deal. It was sold out a month beforehand. This is the board... 


It was auctioned and reached $3200.00. The winner got a free South Seas book too :) I s'pose this is the bit where I could be all cool and be like 'yeah, 'cos that's what my art is worth'  but c'mon who would that be kidding. There's some bloody good bastard out there who found their way to donate 3 grand to LegaSea. Chuffed to be a part of it, and chuffed at what an amazing job Primal did of applying the image to the board. 


Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 10.08.04 AM.jpg

Old, very very old, mate Luke Darby is now in California representing NZ at the ISA Adaptive Surf Champs at La Jolla Shores. The bigger picture being that it will open the door for other Adaptive Kiwi surfers to follow suit in the Paralympics. Luke needed to raise 4G for flights and accomodation so in conjunction with Surfing New Zealand a Give A Little page was set up to get Luke to Cali. And you good buggers got him there!

You can follow his exploits on  he's going vlog updates daily, check it out. 

This Saturday 

Wondering what to do on Saturday, worried you'll be tooling around the house with nothing to do? Well come join us at the Surfline Summer Is In Session arvo.


We are decking out the factory with images that will be for sale on the day, it's a cool challenge to use the factory as an exhibition space. The emphasis is most certainly on CASUAL. It'll be fun, come along. 

Coming Up

... and then... Piha gets hammered. But in a good way. Saturday 9 December sees Jack Johnson once again descending on our fairest and wildest of shores. The good bugger is helping out with the Sustainable Coastlines Clean Up day. Check it out HERE

And the very same day Disabled Surfers Association are putting on a Have A Go Day... in the same carpark ....hmmmm somebody needs to be talking to somebody else huh! It'll all work out. Anyway, if you want to volunteer and be a helper ... which quite frankly is verging on a life changing/affirming thing check it out HERE

From The Galleries

Ahhh The Mount! Just got a order this image last night at 900mm wide. It's a familiar theme but it's such a stoke when a client orders the larger print options, primarily because at 900mm+ it is when the detail starts to really shine. Wanna see this image better or even order it for your home? - Just click in the image.