Having Soggy Toes and Getting Deals / by craig levers

Soggy Toes 


It could be the best name for a surf zine ever. Seriously, when you think about it; it's symptomatic of the surfing condition and not deadly serious and earnest. It is clever. The Bay of Plenty's Guy Thompson is the creative behind Soggy Toes Zine. Issue 4 is out, only 200 are made of each issue thus far. Each of the four issues are 44 pages of visual stimulation.


Thanks Guy! 


Sickest log shot I've seen in a long time! 




Very accurate


I like Soggy Toes, I like that Guy is getting his work out there. I love Zines and the DIY ethos. They are the spawning ground.  If you want to get a copy of issue 4, you can order it HERE



Last week's post was about my old, very very old, mate Luke being selected to represent NZ at the ISA Adaptive Surf Champs in California. He's the first Kiwi to ever do so. The bigger picture being that it will open the door for other Adaptive Kiwi surfers to follow suit in the LA Paralympics. 

Luke needs to raise 4G for flights and accomodation so in conjunction with Surfing New Zealand a Give A Little page was set up to get Luke to Cali. WELL, the funding page has gone unreal! The total is just $600 shy of the target.  I've given, can you? Here's the link to the Give A Little page


In Other News 

Peg Post.jpg

NZ Surf; The Collection Vol 1   continues its rise and it looks like there won't be too many left by the other side of Christmas at this rate aye! Last week it featured on the cover of Christchurch's Bay Harbour News, backing that up, this week it featured in The Pegasus Post. 

Deal Time 


Yep, until the end of November this is the deal. Order your copy of The South Seas Revised Edition via PhotoCPL and you'll get a set of 10 NZ Wave Prints worth $29.95 FREE. No conditions... like while stocks last... just buy your South Seas book before month's end. All deals off in December! 

From The Galleries


The key image from this sequence features in The South Seas. It's also fast becoming one of the most popular ones in the Galleries on PhotoCPL. I've got a good story to share with you about it next week. But in the meantime if you want to view the key image instead of an annoying animation, check it out HERE