#ishootfilm #shootfilmstaybroke / by craig levers

These are probably my two favourite hashtags, especially the latter, mainly because it is closer to the bone than you'd ever think. It has been a massively boring week in CP Land, tedious, repetitious, RSI inducing, eye blurringly BORING! 

No chasing west swells down or up the coast, oh yes I have FOMO big time. It's not even Fear Of Missing Out, it is I Missed Out... missed out on this...

Are you kidding me!!! Where was I?! 

Well sometimes you have to shut the world out and do what photographers really do... which is this ....

Removing micro dust particles at actual pixel level from high resolution scans that are 2 metres long in real measurements... yep mind numbingly BORING. 

But it does mean I have these to share, beautifully rich, sharp panoramas that will handle being used at 2 metres long with ease...and that's why #ishootfilm

This is Kohaihai Beach which is at the end of the road above Karamea, on the West coast. Click on the image to see it larger.

Two and a half hours down the road is Punakaiki and I think is my favourite Pano from the roady. It isn't overly tech, but there are subtle plays, like the slight blur of the swell. Click on the image to see more detail.

Over on the Catlins side; more rocks, rock made from volcanoes and 180 million year old trees. Check out the wood grain by clicking on the image. 

Just up the road a ways from Curio Bay's Petrified Forest; Nugget Point and its iconic lighthouse. I like this angle because it makes the lighthouse a beacon, above the horizon line. I like it 'cos it has those really oversaturated colours that Velvia film is infamous for. You can click on the image if you want to see it bigger....you can buy it at 2 metres wide if you really want to enjoy its full fidelity :) 

So what are you s'posed to do if nature gives you two bangers in one morning at the same location, hide one away never to be viewed by anyone else? God bless the interweb... more is just...more. This one is quite tech; filters stacked to get the exposure time down to 8 minutes... yep 8 lots of 60 secs to get the swell and the swirls of the currents around the Nuggets emphasised, it also streaked out the clouds really nicely. Oh you can't see that? If you click on the image you can see more detail. 

Kapiti Island from Paraparaumu. I have spent no time on the Kapiti Coast, so part of the mission was to stop instead of just punching through to the ferry. The Kapiti Coast is cool! Definitely one of the coolest camping grounds around, The Kapiti Holiday Resort....yes RESORT if you may. Big name, but it's backed up with great grounds just a wee walk from the sand, where I got the pano above which you can view larger by clicking on the image. 

Over on Instagram I've been loading up the black'n'whites that apart from Insty I don't really know what to do with. I love shooting with the Fuji Gw690 camera [and I love the review of it in that link] Here's some of those for your viewing pleasure. 

...there had to be some sort of Ambo shot it there ehh! 


Last week's mailer had a comp to win this T-shirt in... a limited edition, sold out T at that! 

The answer was Keeler Kamp... clearly the question was far too easy. Jed B was the one that got drawn by Random.org's randomiser. Thanks for playing fellas!!!