Back From The Mainland / by craig levers

The three weeks on The Mainland went too fast. It always was going to be an efficient photo mission; no dilly dallying, stick to the hit list. There was a huge amount of luck involved, the weather played ball at every location. The problem is there is just so much to see and shoot, are mere three weeks is just not enough- but it was a massively successful mission none the less. 

The mighty Chevy proved itself as a more than capable camera bag, never missing a beat. Here it is perched up a Karamea.

On the way home there was a quick sidetrack the the Hawkes Bay...beautiful Waimarama Beach. 

Missing those perfect southern lines

Here's the result of three weeks on the road, 25 rolls of 6x17 panoramics. Now the real work begins, scanning and colour grading the keepers... and man there are some keepers. Over the next few weeks there will be a lot of film shots shared on Instagram and this mailer. 

The motivation for the 3 week photo mission was to gather the bulk of the South Island images needed for the next Beach Book. Happily, it is definitely job done, but it has left a reminder of what a wonderfully diverse and varied little country we live in. Of how many unspoilt and largely un-populated nooks and crannies our coasts still hold. Of how good a good roady actually is. 

In The Press

The roady didn't stop other work from happening; The latest issue of Damaged Goods just dropped. It has a funny wee account I wrote about the Piha Carpark in the '80s. The article also features this shot I took in 1987-8 of th old funny block at South Piha. Grab a copy, the feature on iconic Kiwi Surf Car Parks is really good. Sure there is a basis, but it's a cool concept. Luke Cederman has done Manu Bay, Simon Deken; Stent Road, Warren Hawke; Meatworks. Pete Morse; The Blowhole plus more.  

Oi, and what's this? Spotted in the latest Allpress Press, a little cameo of one big two PhotoCPL canvases in at North Drift, Ahipara...Jonny why are you looking so glum bro!!! The canvas is Dream Swell, which was taken during last year's monster June Swell. You can see it better HERE

Big Commissions 

The problem with big prints and canvas orders is that I'm so stoked the client wants them that big, I always give them a great deal because I wanna see the image that big too...gotta learn to be more business like! But this one really turned out amazing; It's Piha Layers on canvas at 2 metres long. The size of a door. What really hit home with this size was the sharpness and detail in the foreground stretch right through to the farthest headlands. It's on its way to a new home in California. Find out more about Piha Layers

And another big one a little closer to home. It now resides in Torbay. The client went for a triptych on this 2 metre x 2 metre beastie. I haven't presented ANY images like this before so it is great to see. Again it really popped; the sharpness and detail in the falling curtain is actually mesmerising. This image is called Perfect View, you can see it better HERE

T-shirt Giveaway Time

Wanna buy a PhotoCPL T? Well you can't, they are all gone! But when you signed up to this mailer there was a commitment to doing subscriber giveaways. So this one is happily for you. Email back with your preferred size and the name of this image [you just have to click on the image- but there has to be some skill question involved].  Every correct and eligible entry goes in the draw to be drawn next Thursday. Better odds by a country mile than lotto! 


From The Galleries

Here's is the first of the new panoramas, Glenorchy Sundown....loving the subtle palette 

Just click on the image to see it large