The Festive Season Is Roady Season / by craig levers

Happy 2016 my friends.There has been weather- but there has been waves too. The Chevy got it's maiden voyage- not counting the drive from Christchurch. Nah, this new trip was all about packing it and enjoying it as a camper.                    

Under North Whananaki stars...before the 50knt winds hit

We joined family and friends at Whananaki with the expectation of east coast swell and the chance to shoot a few new beaches for this year's books. 

Predawn Otamure on New Years Eve

And then the storm hit, 50knt gusts, tents and tarps shredded; it was gnarly! But kind of exciting too, even through the worst of it there were a couple of sneaky waves to be had. Once the storm had passed we headed further north to Taupo Bay. 

T Bay in all its summery arvo glory

Taupo Bay holds warm memories for me; in the early '90's I'd always surf check it if there was any swell on the east. In 1994 it gave me some of my best images I'd ever shot from the water. Chrissy Malone and Matt Archibald on a T&C team trip and then Dave Gilbert with this image and it's sequence. 

When this spread was published in NZ Surf Mag in 1994, lots of the Dunedin locals thought we had snuck in and out for a shoot at Allen's because of the similar rock features

T Bay 2016, more baches and a paved road, but the waves remain just plain awesome

Sentinels of every Kiwi coast, the might Massey Fergusson tractor


It is nice to come home from the Chrissy hols to a couple of cheaky orders. 

Here's a beautiful print on archival photographic paper at 750mm, the detail is mesmerising, click the image to see Piha Peak larger. 

Big is better! Here is Piha Bar Barrel at 1200mm wide on canvas, click on the image to see the image and size options.