Muriwai Mini Mission / by craig levers

I can see Muriwai from the end of my Piha driveway. It actually does my head in a little bit. As the Gannet flies- it's only 13Kms up the coast, it takes 10 minutes on a jet ski. BUT there is no direct road, it's a 55Km drive- back to Henderson, on to Kumeu and then back out to the coast; it's a 1 hour drive. So I don't get up to see my fellow westie surfers as much as I could.  Earlier this week I did. 

A Muriwai Gannet heading south to Piha?

I'm almost embarrassed at the lack of times I've shot recently at Maori Bay and Muriwai; and of course I need a great hero shot of Muriwai for the book project this year.  

Shoulder barging the bus loads of tourists for a tripod spot on Monday evening

I'd been waiting for a evening with solid swell  and good cloud activity, Monday was the day. It was amazing how popular the Gannet Lookouts were even on a midweek evening, there was a patient wait for the angle wanted. Even with the tripod set up there wasn't too much regard for personal space from the bus-loads of tourists. No complaints though, it's cool that the resource is being so used right?

cheeky lil' [smelly] fellas

Landscape photography is a strange lark; it isn't just about getting to the place that is going to give a cool view or angle. That's the first, most important part for sure, but there has to be something special happening too, something that will enthral the viewer, something that sets a faithful recording of the scene apart from an image that conveys feeling and mood. Most landscape photographers visit and scout scenes many times before finally getting that image they want to show the world.

The cloud cover, swell and wind played ball on Monday evening...

Want to see it larger....just click on the image to link through to PhotoCPL

It is a great feeling packing down the tripod and gear, walking back to the carpark knowing there's something good in the bag. It happens all too seldomly, which of course makes it all the more sweeter I guess.


From The Galleries

Here's an older one from winter's past of the mighty Muriwai, again it's light play that makes it. That break in the clouds spotlighting part of the beach. Just click on the image to see it large