Skate or Die / by craig levers

This post could be very easily filed in the Must Be No Surf folder

I'll be putting in the What I Love to Shoot Asides From Surf folder. The very first action shot I ever took was Tony Hallam doing a hand plant in New Lynn's bottom bowl when we were both 13. Last Friday I got some of the best skate shots I've done, thanks to some the True School Mount Maunganui vert ramp locals that put on the session.

Cale Tolley and Anthony McLeod suit up while Smitty warms up

Anthony going through his warm up paces

Jason Curtis, and honestly not Cale fist pumping him

The Mount Maunganui ramp freaks me out with it's shear size and the quality of the build. Cale in control

Smitty onlooking and giving Cale's F/S air a nice bit of scale

Anthony old schooling a Rock'n'roll...gnarly!

Last shot of the night- Jas


Going, Going, Gone

This week saw the last of the South Seas books leave the stock room for a big retail order. Both Brent Courtney, my co-creator of this book, and I reflected it's both satisfying and sad. We published the book in 2012, selling out in 12 months, and now the reprint is sold out. It's a stoke to be a part of such a successful project and now it's kind of sad it's no longer part of our lives. If you still don't own a South Seas book, most surf stores have a bit of stock, but they'll go fast leading into Christmas. Email me back if you need to know the nearest seller to you.