The other side of PhotoCPL / by craig levers

It could be easy to assume that I don't do anything other than take images for the PhotoCPL website, the books or now T-Shirts.

But commercial work is still a huge component of what I do. This week is almost 100% shooting for clients and they have been awesome gigs to land. 

Monday morning was a nasty 4.30 am start to what turned out to be a very cool morning. I was contracted to shoot the media launch of the Ultimate Waterman 2016 at AUT Millennium. TV 1's weatherman Sam Wallace was on hand with Daniel Kereopa. Every cross over from 6am to 9am during the Breakfast Show was Sam with DK. My job was to document that and get images of Minister Steven Joyce announcing the Government's financial backing of the Ultimate Waterman 2016. 

Now, you might be going ho-hum boring media/editorial pics. But what I love about these jobs is the time pressure; the brief was to get images out on site with the national press release before 9am. Together with Ben Kennings and Sarah Rogan steering the ship, the press release was out before 8am. Brief nailed and exceeded. Snapchat, Instagrams, tweets and FB status's all a buzz to hype up The Ultimate Waterman 2016.

I certainly gained a new respect Sam, he's largely ad-libbing his cross-overs and he absolutely prompted extra activities with DK. DK did a great job of Waterman defending champ/ambassador. 

Here's some more images  from the morning. 

From the elite end of sport to the opposite, the next gig is probably one of my all time favourite regulars. Every year Surfing NZ run the Have A Go Days for lower decile schools. The brain child of SNZ's Development Manager Lee Ryan 3 years ago, the goal is to introduce kids to the surf that might not get a chance otherwise. 

To experience the kids going from nervous anticipation to being stoked out little grommies is nothing short of actually amazing. You get to share their bug eyed stoke, which of course reaffirms your own surf stoke. Last year when I wrote a piece for a website about it I totally lost the plot stating I've just taken my best surfing photo ever- well maybe a different kind of best ever.

The Have A Go Day program grows every year nationally. Local surf coaches and schools get more work and kids are introduced to surfing in a safe environment. Check out more about it on SNZ's Facebook Page

For the rest of the week I'm in the Mount shooting the next Copious Clothing look book. Yes it is a mates rates job and yes it is a not what you know, but who you know gig. Copious's founder Cale Tolley and I have been good mates since the 90's, for the last 5 or so years I've proudly been a Copious ambassador. Here's a poster and full page advert I shot for Copious last November.

From The Galleries

This was one of last week's commissions and definitely one of those ones you pick up from the framers re-reminded just how good big prints look. The client was well chuffed- we both were! It's Piha Layers at 1.2 metres wide stretched on canvas. Just click on the image to see it large