Another Good Run / by craig levers


Slow shutter panning, so on trend right now. I posted this on Instagram during the week and lots of people assumed it was Piha Bar, it's not. 

It has been a big ole week of activity out west. Lots of good banks, off-shore winds and swell. The A team were on it; Damon Meade was up from Gizzy to get some footage. Meady is the videographer/producer who has created Kiwi classics like Under The Weather and The Beaten Track. Check out his YouTube channel HERE  


Meady on the tools    

To be perfectly honest Meady was driving force behind this week's shoots. He set a strong discipline of up every morning before dawn for fuelling and then down court-side as the shadows shrunk back from the playing field. Shoot, re-fuel, download footage, re charge batteries, shoot the next tide, recharge, then get some cut aways/ time lapses, literally from dawn to dusk. I was loving it! 


Elliot Paerata-Reid was Meady's main subject for this week's sessions


EPR, readying for session #9 


Just to show I can actually take a photo not blurry... once in a while anyway


Potential everywhere


EPR, the early bird and flying 


Fireman calendar model Jamie Piggins tucked in to more than a couple between shifts


James McAlpine hunted down the best peaks as per


Good reason for the earlies




Bevan Wiig flowing some rail and causing the appropriate energy transfer


Ok, one more quick gif of Elliot .... 


Yep. It was a good week to be out West, hope you got your fill.   

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