Here We Go Again / by craig levers

And So It Begins


Strap your paddling arms on, the West Coast of the North Island is in for yet another run of offshores. It looks like we are going to get a good week of it.


This spot, which will remain nameless due to it being highly localised and secretive, probably won't break again over the next week. The swell will be too small.


The bank isn't that good anyway. No one was making barrels last night. 


There were no defined take off points or sections


Kye Bedford, plainly no way he's gonna get to the face on this close out


Floyd Smith and no doubt a similar grim outcome as Kye's wave


Kye on a good double over header


Meanwhile out the back things are going to get hectic real soon


Local builder Al Sanders 


Clearly the rights were better 


Dune Kennings on a rare peeler 


Dave Wood getting tangled with a school of local predatory eels 


Kye in the box seat for the best show in town 


Dune on/in that section mentioned before, the one that's not really there 


Dave on a freak peeler, the rest all were straight handers 


West coast textures 


Dune and clearly, the end.

Good luck with your wave hunting over the next week. Go a little further, search a little harder, and thrive in the thrill of exploration. But always be respectful of the land, and the people that choose to call these places home.  Have fun. 

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