Gita Comes To Visit / by craig levers

But Before Gita...

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Sitting firmly in the category of 'A voice for Print' the TV equivalent of 'A face for Radio' I was interviewed for Monocle's The Stack podcast a couple of weeks ago. Here's the link . Monocle is a shinning light of magazine success in a multimedia world, with a circulation of over 80,000 per issue. Founded by the same creator of WallPaper Magazine, Monocle have created a media hub of print, web based radio [that's the bit I'm on] and a fast evolving website. The formula is one I'm convinced would transfer to surfing. 

Boring huh? Well for me no, I'm still passionate about surf media and would love to see something like this in surfing. The interview touches on this conviction. Thanks to Clair Urbahn for the opportunity, and cleaning up my dribble into some sort of cohesiveness. 

Gita Was Here 

As Cyclone Gita glanced down the west coast of New Zealand surfers gleefully wrung their hands in expectation of what treats she'd bring. To be fair it was a quick and brief affair, but for those on the spot there were moments for sure. 


Early morning peaks


A Gita treat 


The two usual suspects were on hand; Bevan Wiig [above] and James Mcalpine [below] 


Bevan's class act


James setting


Matty Ziegler's rush hour


Bevan on a Pipe-esk set up


Bevan tucked and tapering 

From The Bookstore


Billy Stairmand married his love Liana last Friday above Raglan. It was an awesome day of family, friends, love and laughs.


And that is probably THE most tenious segue to NZ Surf; The Collection Vol 1  which of course [as illustrated above by Billy] has a great feature of the multiple National Champ in it. Wanna know more about this book? Well click here for the preview. We've only got 200 left!