At Logger Heads with the Bowl Jammed / by craig levers

It was  a wonderful Waitangi Weekend of opposites. Diverse fun in the sun covering two board sports at opposing ends of the spectrum. 

The events' soundtracks pretty much sum up the polarities. The Logger Heads Longboard comp on Saturday had a gentle mix of easy listening ranging from '80's, Hall n' Oats style to current day Kiwi Reggae. Sunday, at the Mangawhai Bowl Jam, was all hardcore. From the '80's too; Black Flag, Minor Threat... then pretty much the Tony Hawk 2 soundtrack, through to Lamb Of God. Sunday's was my favourite. 

I'm in struggle street trying to write anything massively insightful about either event. Both grass roots events were very very good. Both delivered good vibes and excitement. So rather than continue down struggle street any further here's an edit of the images.  

The Logger Heads 2017... not even all of them either

Perfect log waves on the Bar first thing 

Eventual open winner, Sydney-sider Kai Ellice-Flint was leading from the start

Rock baking the judges and photogs

Trent Lillis contemplating how to get out the back 

The aforementioned, after dealing with the treacherous shore pound, well and truly over the nose

Moon Bob was styling as ever making both the final of the open and dunger division

Nicky Wellington surfs better than you. She won

Orewa Boardriders stalwart Mark Hoyle trimmed some bombs- now there's a caption that wouldn't make sense out of surfing 

The best image of Saturday? Cody Mant in the Juniors - his dad Paul watching on. Cody took this photo to school on Tuesday for show and tell

Kai matching Trent on the front foot 

A cleverer caption writer would figure out how to string jammed packed and Bowl together here

yep, that would be 8 year old Liam Hayes schooling us all

At the other end of the spectrum, Uncle Mozza quick plant... actually an actual living legend

The Mangawhai bowl creator Jason Parkes... as in, the man who designed and constructed the beast

Christchurch's Dan Kelcher rocking '80's stez all the way to third

Dan... Daune...'80's ...US Bombs.. crazy

Taupo's Bowman Hansen returned from Melbourne to regain his 2015 title


Squeak in the masters

Defending champ Shaun Boucher was hot on Bowman's heels in the Open. He didn't back up his 2016 win, but he did take out the biggest air with an 8ft+ method

Soul Kropelnicki won the juniors

Josh Wilson

Always the crowd favourite, Mikey Bancroft styling ridiculously smoothly as ever

Welly street skating legend Dallis Marshall

The ol boys; Ramon Thackwell, Morri and Steve Crump

Bowman back for the win

I'd like to thank Tony Baker, the organiser of the Logger Heads, and Jesse Peters, the organiser of the Mangawhai Bowl Jam for having me on the team as the events' photog. These guys spend countless hours behind the scenes grappling with council, wrangling slack surfers and skaters, trying to even find oil for a thread bourne rag so there's a sniff. They grind it out for months so we are entertained for a day. Youse fellas did bang up jobs.    

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It's the Mangawhai post! Have a closer look, how big do you reckon- 3- 4 -5?

It's the Mangawhai post! Have a closer look, how big do you reckon- 3- 4 -5?