WOW... or... Waves Out West / by craig levers

Waves Out West


We're having a pretty good run of it, 5 days of offshore winds and groomed swells moving in. It's the sort of week where West coast residents feel like surfers again. You're trying to fit your work around the tides. It feels good. To be honest not much work was done and the camera hasn't been getting punished much either. Mental health days.


Options starting to show as the banks get groomed up. 


Happy times for one paddler, not so much for the fella far right


Move fast


and then set for the speed run


Post surf sun observations 

Mainland Bound

CBASL Invite web.jpg

We're celebrating NZ SURF- the collection Vol 1 next week. If you're in Christchurch come along! All welcome, get to see the book in reality and even chat with the makers. We'll even shout you a sausie roll and a couple of cheese'n'pineapple sticks. Because of Licensing laws we need your name to put on the door. So email me back with a YES, even if you only think you might attend, so we can at least add your name to the VIP list. Love to see you there.

But Wait There's More! 

Wanna hear Wazza's dulcet tones on the airwaves? Well tune in tonight to Radio Live at 9.30, Warren will be chatting with Mitch Harris about NZ Surf- the collection Vol 1 

And we want to say thanks to Hydro Surf for giving the books fair and fine reviews on their site HERE

From The Bookstore

Don't Forget about the South Seas though! It's in most surf and book stores now. You can check out the preview just by clicking on the image... and of course buy direct and avoid the hassle of going to the shops.