Good Days, Good Mates / by craig levers

Good days in the surf have been all too few this last month. No doubt it feels worse than it actually was because we had such an incredible summer of waves. 

Yesterday, the start of the middle month, was a good day. By the looks of the mid range forecast, we are in for a nice Queens Birthday too. She's getting cold though! 

Raglan was the pick of the week so far. Billy Stairmand is back home after taking out 3rd in the The Ichinomiya Chiba Open. It's a a great result that has pushed our current National Champ up 62 places on the Qualifying Series to 9th. Let's stop the QS now! 


Billy, home and happy

Billy is on a high from the placing, he's stoked. He's also well aware it's just the start of the QS year. "I'm back for 2 weeks, then I'm off the Melbourne and then onto South Africa. I'll come back home after that for a few weeks and then I'm gone for the rest of the year." 

You can't go to the top if you haven't been to the bottom; surfing 101 with Billy

Billy adds "I'm stoked about the 3rd, but I know it's really only a good back up result. I'm resetting and concentrating on the year of comps that lie ahead." 

Billy has always done well on the European leg of the QS. In 2010 Billy won the Pantin Classic in Spain, in 2013 he backed that up with a 2nd placing at the same event. Our 5x National Champ feels comfortable there.

Driving at home 

Yesterday was so fun. Catch ups, mates and waves. Today I'm sore from treading water for 3 hours, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Here's some of the fun...

Tairua's Jackson Bright came over for the day too [above and below] 

The master of the one liner- Mr Mike Clarkeson actually had a Facebook page dedicated to his quick quips. 

Grommie in the drivers seat

Front foot on the lip, square surfing from Bill

Stage two of the day's adventure; new peaks to be surfed

ohhh the anticipation! 

Cheeky head dip

Peaks bigger than hills

Billy forehand rail game

Pretty nice place to finish the day off at. 


From The Galleries

This one is a bit different; the shutter was slowed right down to blur the waves, dunno if it really worked. What do you think? 

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