The Big Picture / by craig levers

There has been some big stuff happening in CP land, big orders, exciting orders and challenging commissions. Here are a couple of the latest greatest; 

Two different applications for Piha Layers. The square one, top, was made like this to fit above a fireplace. It's a big piece at 1160mm wide and high. The frame is light toned wood, which is a nice style coming through a bit at the moment.   

The bottom one is the full crop of the original pano, it's at 2000mm [2 metres] wide on canvas, that's the size of a domestic door. Loving the book placements on the shelving too!!! 

Just click on the image to see it bigger

Here is the nicest framing option for a canvas I've seen. This is a 1200mm canvas, stretched on a standard pine frame, the stretched canvas is then recessed into a white box border frame. I have worked with the good people at Factory Frames for the last 8 years, and right here is a reason why. Clever ideas and awesome finishing every time. This one is on the gallery wall at Factory Frames in Apollo Drive, Albany. 

Below is still my favourite version of Piha Bar Barrel, and [spoiler alert] it's on the set of the next TV series 800 Words. This commission is a beast too, 1000mm print on satin archival photo paper, white on white box framing. 

click on the image if yo want to see it in more detail

But here are my favourite commissions from the week! 

YESSSS, it is all about me after all; these are my birthday presents to myself.

Best Ugly Bagel's flagship store in Auckland Central had commissioned Keeler Camp as a 4x2 metre vinyl banner, it stayed in store for 2 years. 

It was well overdue for a swap out, so we did this... 

A cunning plan was hatched for the old vinyl. Helen Jowesy from Stash-It Board covers has been specialising in recycling old billboard vinyls for a while now, it seemed like a perfect way to repurpose the Keeler vinyl. It is. The board covers are sturdy [Stash-It covers have always been top notch] and I'm loving that they are locally made, supporting a local surf co like Helen. We used to sell Stash-It board covers in the surf shop I worked at in 1988!

Keeler in colour, click on the image to see it better.  


From The Galleries 

Here's a modern classic; a rare resin tinted, custom Dunlop Mal. It was shot on the 4x5 camera using FujI Instant film and then ran through the negative reclamation process. Sadly Fuji have discontinued this film stock so this type of shooting is fast becoming impossible to do anymore. No vsco filters here - this is film. 

Just click on the image to see it large