Mini Mission: Copious Roady / by craig levers

The Waikato funpark turned it on for us

Just once in awhile the elements all come together ridiculously well. This last week has been A One Of Those. The plan was to assemble members of the Copious crew to get good action shots of them for possible use in point of sale posters and print advertising. Big Call, but here's how it worked out... 

The first stop on the tour was Raglan to hand out with Lee Ririnui. A day after we shot Lee got selected for the NZ Junior Team

I reckon he'll make a worthy addition, if he surfs like this in the Azores in September

We didn't think Raglan was going to be THIS good, of course; while my priority was on the Copious crew, there were others ripping the bag. 

Didn't catch his name, but how cool is Mr Surfmatt! 

Me ol' young mate Billy Lee-Pope joined us for the Raglan Leg, he's now in Bali with Billy Staimand filming their next clip. Check out Billy Lee-Pope Media HERE

You never just know who'll show up at Raglan, 1995 National Champ Brent Hutchieson, shot over from a family holiday in Miranda for a cheeky dawnie.

Always a great catch up, you're ripping Henchmia!!! Good luck in the Mentawaiis next week brother. 

Of course Copious's boss and founder Cale Tolley can walk to talk

Pretty good photographic studio to spend your work day at 

Larry Fisher on bomb

Stage 1 Done...onto Stage 2

Matty Groube and Cale, loving the Grobe hospo for Stage 2

Skating is a huge part of what Copious is about, more specifically transition skating; Bowls, Pools, and Ramps. Matt Groube very kindly opened up his personal funpark for Copious to skate and shoot. It ended up being a 10 hour... yes 10 hour pool session. Here's some of the highlights. 

The man himself, Matty Groube, owning his own pool. 

Shaun Boucher, twilight Madonna in the deep end.

Wellington's Jordan Nunns joined the session with some great hip work

Yep that'll be the boss again, walking the talk

Cale's high speed 50/50 in the deep end

Shaun's Smith locked in


Out With The Old, In With The New 

Best Ugly Bagel have just renewed their PhotoCPL image. Thanks guys! Keeler Kamp has adorned their flagship store in The Auckland Works for the last 2 years. It was time for a change... but keeping in the caravan theme. 

Just click on the image to see it large