Eastern Treats / by craig levers

A highlight of making books about NZ beaches and surf is that you just HAVE to keep on doing mini missions to some of NZ's worst kept secrets. Last weekend it was Waikawau Bay. 

Waikawau Bay is on the north eastern coast of the Coromandel Peninsula; it's about an hour's drive north of Coromandel town. Nestled behind the southern dunes of the beach is one of New Zealand's best DOC camping grounds. A staggeringly expensive 10 bucks a night! Dude are you real? $10 for this!!!

Click on the map to get a better idea of Waikawau's location

The Cambulance and the stunning camp grounds of Waikawau

The tail end of TC Victor's swell was still lurking about

Waves bigger than the Coro ranges!

Balmy evenings and fun, playful peaks

Just like a beer advert- where you'd rather be

The Aotearoa Surf Film Festival 2016

Every year the ASFF gets a little bigger, the format gets refined and the network spreads. I've been asked to be a judge again, and I'm absolutely chuffed to do so. I've been a judge since the first ASFF in 2012.

The O'Neill Aotearoa Surf Film Festival will kick off in Mount Maunganui on February 25th. Tour dates will run through March and April. The full film schedule and tickets on sale now over at www.asff.co.nz with more tour dates to be announced very shortly.