Three Things / by craig levers

This, That And The Other

... that's how my mate, commercial photographer Will Bailey starts his monthly mailer. It's simply brilliant; he selects three different images that he's made over the last month, say one from personal work, one fashion shot and one technical product shot. In three images he illustrates diversity, technical skill and the ability to shoot to a variety of briefs. And he doesn't write a word.   

THIS is the fun little photo mission I went on this week, the tide and the weather coincided perfectly to go have a bit of fun around at the Gap.

Straight after THAT, It was job on; back down to the Mount to shoot the Copious Summer mens range with Cale Tolley and Shaun Boucher. These are the dream jobs, combining fashion shooting with credible action shots. I can't show you the best ones, but here's a sneak sample.

The OTHER big thing that happened this week was the landing of the third and final piece of the PhotoCPL product lines. To compliment The Big Little Beach Bookthere has been a boxset of 20 notecards made. Unlike a lot of notecard box sets that only have a couple of designs, there are 20 different images selected from the book. 

There are 22 envelopes included [so you can make a couple of mistakes] and the whole boxset retails for $29.95 so it's really good money for value for money per card and envelope. $1.50 verses $3-5.00 you can sometimes pay for a card at the Stationers. 

Wait, wanna see them all... oh yes I did; another annoying time-lapse for you...

You can read more about [and purchase] the notecard boxset via the website HERE