Getting Out There / by craig levers

I used to sell handmade greeting cards at Piha Surf. Using a then state of the art photo printer and some nice machine cut card blanks. The production line was set up in the spare room. The little photos were glued to card, and packed in a plastic bag with an envelope. It wasn't rocket science but it was fun making them. Nor was a retirement fund created by any means, more like a feed down at the Piha RSA every other week. 

Scotty Casey starring on the old school cards!

It was shocking how satisfying a simple one to one transaction is. Even a $5 greeting card. Maybe I crave vindication, maybe I need my ego stroked, I dunno. I'd like to think it is a more positive emotion of making somebody else happy. Of them entertained by what you do enough to want your work around. 

Going, going fast!

This last week has been a nice week for that. There has been a spike of print orders from  And now Sitka in Ponsonby is stocking Photo CPL prints. In fact 3 of the first 5 sold in the first few days. It has caught both Sitka and I short; we didn't expect that. The plan is to keep Sitka in stock with affordable framed prints. The prints will be changed up as wall space comes free. Pop into 133 Ponsonby Rd to see the prints in the flesh.  

Here's the next five prints that will be in store next Wednesday:


New Release!

Did you spy that top shot and think wait I haven't seen that before. It's new, it is loaded into the Wave Gallery now. Click on the photo to view it big.