Getting Close / by craig levers

Offshore. Click on the image to see it larger

The parting caption in the book PhotoCPL was about how formulaic magazine photography was.  I needed to step away from it. I had started to not shoot things, knowing that the image would not make the cut.

Thirds. Click on the image to see it larger

The only photo you regret is the one you didn't take. I do wonder if these 3 images would exist if I were still working for a magazine. It has been hard to break the habit, but it sure has been fun doing it. I often crack up thinking that now surfers don't make the photo, they are in the way! 

Pitch. Click on the image to see it larger

Of course that's not true, long gone are the days of rationing the 36 frames on a roll of film. Now we all get to shoot everything that moves. Some photographers lament the advent of digital, I'll admit I have too. It has meant more photographers in the water and the water angle is not so revered. But it has also meant the expectation is higher. And who doesn't like a challenge. 

This Week's Mini Adventure

Speaking of challenges, believe it or not, this mini adventure was. Find a carpark, not get confronted by a homeless drunk. Get confronted by said homeless drunk- make a new friend. Have your new friend become your self appointed camera minder. Oh yes, taking on Auckland's Queen St has its own set of unique challenges. I'm amping to see the panoramic camera results....but that will be next week.