Summer In The Wintertime / by craig levers

New Release 

June is officially the start of winter, but with the cold snaps and wild southern storms we've already had, it felt like winter was well underway before. Winter is a great time for photography, the sun tracks low in the sky to the north which gives photogs angular light, it's exciting chasing storms and getting dramatic cloudscapes.

That said it's hard not to get nostalgic for the amazing summer we just all had, those beautiful evenings spent in the water with no neoprene needed, just a pair of boardies - the after work rinse. Today the image above has been added to PhotoCPL in the Beaches Gallery- a wee ode the summer past. Just click on the image to see it large. And please share it with anyone you think may like it. 


Winter hasn't stopped the waves completely, last week we had a nice run of surfing days, here's a video of one that got away from the crew last friday.