PhotoCPL Site Facelift / by craig levers

If you are reading this then you are navigating around the all new PhotoCPL website- Thanks for visiting! 

The PhotoCPL website has been in place since 2008, man, have there been some changes in those 7 years. But this new one is by far the biggest overhaul of the website yet.

What's new? PhotoCPL is now responsive; so now whether you're viewing on your monitor, tablet or phone the site will adjust to that format for the easiest possible navigation and ease for you. 

We've made the images higher resolution. This is a tough one for us photographers to balance, we all want to show our images in the highest possible quality, but at the same time not so high that they can be ripped off. To make the images on PhotoCPLlook really good on screen for you we've gone XL on the picture size, but added a centred light CPL watermark. We think we've got the balance about right. Of course the watermark is not there on a final order. 

What do you think? We think we've done a pretty good upgrade, but at the end of the day, and because you are a PhotoCPL client, no one has better insight than you, after you've visited the new site I'd love to know your thoughts about how we can make the site better yet.

Show and Tell: It's the all common request I know, but you guys have been awesome in sharing and recommending PhotoCPL, please don't stop!  Just about every website page has a full set of social media buttons to the left/ centre of your screen, and this newsletter has share buttons at the bottom. Believe me, your actions are most certainly appreciated. 

So, please enjoy the new PhotoCPL site, and again thanks - Craig