Winners and Losers / by craig levers

The Spring Equinox is upon us in full effect right now. And it's horrid! 

The west coast is always average for surf at this time of year, you ready yourself, prepare mentally for a frustrating period of onshore and wild seas. You think you can handle...and then you're in the middle of it. All that mental prep goes out the window. There's no surf and there's no sign of any.

Today was close but not quite

This week's forecast was shaping up to be maybe ok. Multiple meetings and conferences in Piha's carparks, valuable data on sand formation and local gossip shared... all to no avail. Mother Ocean just did not play ball this week. Not quite a clean offshore, no real banks and instead of being the predicted manageable 4-6 ft, it's a wobbly 6-8 ft. We lost out this week, ahhh well back to work. 

We Have A Winner!

In last week's E-bomb the new PhotoCPL T'shirt range was unveiled and there was a contest exclusively for you subscribers, buy a T and go in the draw to win a pair of Otis Eyewear...I said they were valued at $200.... turns out they are $250.00- oppps.

If you had entered, you would have had a 1 in 8 chance of winning these sunnies. Using's number generator John Charles from Gizzy gets the sunnies. Congrats mate, they are on their way.

New Releases 

With all the chaos of getting T-shirt orders to stores this one nearly slipped under the radar. 

Mount Dusk, click on the image to view it nice and big.

I'm stoked to have finally nailed a good Mauao panorama. Shot on film using the Fotoman 617. Using a neutral density filter to slow the shutter so the water would smooth out, the exposure ended up being 90 seconds. 

From The Galleries

Now there's a good segue for this image, it's a film pano too and it was shot in 2011 at the height of a wintery spring equinox storm. In 2012 it was awarded in the Epson International Pano's. 

Just click on the image to see it larger.