Big West, Films and More Muck / by craig levers

Surfing Big North Piha

We all know Piha and the wild west coast is renowned for its big surf. The issue for resident surfers is not how much swell we cop.; it's where can we surf when it gets over 5 foot [10 foot faces]. Rips come into play too much, the breaks become too shifty and paddling out from the beach is neigh on impossible. It has long been a source of frustration for west coast surfers- you can see potential out there, but you know you just can't quite get in position with all that water moving about. 

And that's the beauty of a jetski, you can get put in the right place, that massive playing field gets nicely shrunk. Piha locals, Paramedic Dave Woods and Fireman Jamie Piggins, are the latest to venture into Piha's bigger stuff. Only last week they committed and co-bought their new [mint second-hand] ski. Dave is no stranger to skis and IRB's as a former captain of Piha Surf Lifesaving, Jamie is on a steep learning curve, but clearly already is a natural. 

Here is yesterday's session, their first ever session in pretty solid stuff. It was far from perfect, but they got more waves than any other Piha surfer yesterday over the low tide and peak of the swell. No one else could get out, they had the whole of North Piha to themselves. 

Dave Woods; always playing up, but always on to it.

Jamie... is that a nervous grin??? 

The boys' new set up

Reforms on to the Bar... grinding!

No scale, could be 2 foot right?

Jamie giving it scale with the one that got away  

Woody on a big outer bank left

Woody loving the outer banks

Jamie's freight train

A beast of a right

The sort of perfect wave that would be nearly impossible to catch without a ski

Here's a cheeky 25 frame sequence made into a gif for your viewing pleasure

Of course, there is always a price to pay, and Piggy is paying hard right here! 

Aotearoa Surf Film Festival

The ASFF is in full swing now and touring the country. Gizzy experienced sell out crowds; must of been the excellence of the Judging Panel and the selection of films huh!

Here's the schedule; get in there!  

Epic Reunion

After a long 18 years, Muckhole reformed to play at the Kings Arms, Newton. If you do a search for Muckhole you'll find that they are credited as being arguably the biggest Punk Rock band New Zealand has ever produced. Their last hoorah, 18 years ago, was to a packed out Powerstation, which is no mean feat for any band of any genre. 

I used to shoot a fair bit for the Muckers, I loved it, helping out mates and witnessing them succeed. So being asked again to shoot was no chore at all, in fact Sean O'Brien [lead singer] and I are agreed; we probably ended up with the best shots Muckhole has ever had. 

Check it out the full photo set HERE



Is it wise to use Instagram as a gauge of popularity? Probably not, but if you were to, then this image should have been made available months ago. Hands down one of the most liked PhotoCPL images posted on insty 

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